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March 22, 2016: Edition 54

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Mommy As Dearest Employee and Leader: Why Working Mothers Smash Women Stereotypes

The mythology of motherhood in the workplace is that working women who have children are distracted, less committed. That motherhood is where ambition goes to die. It’s an old argument and one that divides parents, networks and pits women with and without kids against each other.

But the myths are not true.


Assume Nothing: Women and Men Both Want Higher Pay or They Are So Gone

Corporate leaders often misjudge the motivations of female employees, with the majority expecting that women in their 30s would leave a company to start a family, or because of their need for more flexibility. New research shows that both men and women will leave a company because they both want to be paid more.

Show Her The Money: Why Successful Business Women Are Better at Crowdfunding Than Men
An investor has these motivating factors in play when looking to connect to the product or service; and women are better at landing funding than men are. The reasons for successful business women scoring funding are about emotional intelligence and expressiveness.


                                                WHAT WE'RE READING

Parenting Belongs on Your Resume  
    Take The Lead Co-Founder and President Gloria Feldt declares:"Parenthood doesn’t just     equip you with experiences that come in handy at work. It can actually help you hone           the skills that the 21st-century economy is coming to value more and more."

Portrait of a Lady U.N. Secretary General 
Three of the United Nations secretary general candidates are women, making it possible to make history.  
Campaign Salary Reform Needed
In the recent six active presidential campaigns, four have significant gender wage disparities. 

Investigation of Sexual Harassment In U.S. Most Protected Areas 
The agencies that protect our wildlife and national parks "have their own troubling history of hostility toward women."


“Every day, women of all ages and all backgrounds and walks of life are speaking out. And by telling their stories, by you telling your stories, women are lifting others out of the shadows and raising our collective consciousness about a problem that affects all of us.”  

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